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Kings Valor

Sir Percival's Illuminated Sculpture
Knights of the Realm 3-Dimensional Wall Sculpture: Sir Gavin

Valkyrie Helmet Statue upon Museum Mount

His Majesty's Blade at

Who dares enter my castle?

Do you hold a royal summons? I will only allow an audience with the noblest of knights, the bravest of warriors, or the most powerful wizards. If you are a healer you are also welcome. Anyone else must be of the highest caliber of character. Or you will be praying for our mercy.

If I have requested an audience with you, you should re-check the royal communication I sent you for the proper door to gain access. You will only gain access to my throne room by way of the secret chamber, which requires your swimming into the moat surrounding the Castle. So hurry! The rest of the adventuring party awaits your arrival!! There is an urgent Quest that requires your immense and reknowned talents.

If you were looking for King's Valor music by Pierre Langer,
you can find it here:

If you were looking for King's Valor, the Alliance Guild on Shu'halo server in World of Warcraft,
you can find it here:

Otherwise, begone peasant!

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